Travel Photo of the Day: Goblin Valley, Utah

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Utah landscapes

Goblin Valley, along the world famous Colorado Plateau, is named for its unique sandstone rocks that have formed over thousands of years of Erosion

One of the less visited state parks along the Colorado Plateau in Utah is Goblin Valley. Our travel club had a blast photographing this place and the shot above says it all. These unique rock structures are called hoodoos and are formed over thousands of years of erosion. These mushroom shaped hoodoos are unique to this area but are formed by the same natural process that created the hoodoos of the more famous Bryce Canyon. This trip was full of stunning landscapes and a photographers dream! We’ll post more pics from our Western Parks trip over the upcoming months!

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  1. Beautiful shot…I think I saw one like it recently from Mars:)

  2. That looks amazing – wonderful shot. Also, funky name!

  3. Wow! Never even heard of this place.

    • Yeah its not as well known as some of the other parks like Bryce & Zion–its a lot smaller too so you can make a 1-2 hour stop and see plenty…

  4. Looks like an amazing place. We were in this part of the USA for the first time last summer and fell in love with the landscape. there is so much to see there. We have to go back. Goblin Valley has been added to our list!

    • Yes its not as popular as Bryce, Zion, Capital Reef, and the others in the area but is a real gem. Amazing for photography and not too many tourists.

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