Travel Photo of the Day: Architecture of Sydney, Australia

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Our last group tour of Sydney was filled with memories and travel photos like this one!

We’re long overdue to plan another group tour to Sydney and other incredible parts of Australia . For now let’s reminisce with this cool shot we took of an interesting apartment building which emphasized the rectangular element of each apartment balcony. Not the most beautiful building in Sydney but certainly an interesting one. We love how the contrast with the black & white help make the building “pop” within the photograph. What very well may be the most beautiful building in Sydney (or even the world) is also in the background: the Sydney Opera House. A group tour to Sydney is definitely on our travel club’s bucket list and we’d love new and old wanderers to venture back down under with us! Stay tuned…


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  1. It looks like the apartments are stacked up on each other like legos or shoe boxes.

  2. I love the contrast within this photo. The building has very straight lines, then we see the Opera House in the background with the curved lines. Very creative photo. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love this view – I used to see it every time I would go across the Harbour Bridge. Thanks for the photo from home! 🙂

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