Travel Photo of the Day: SF CityScape at Sunrise

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SF cityscape
An eery, but very cool morning photograph of the SF cityscape

On our way up to Marin County for some hiking adventures with our travel club back in 2010, we encountered this fantastic sunrise showcasing the gorgeous SF cityscape. Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, I turned my head to the right and was floored by this beautiful scene. Fortunately there is a great viewpoint on the side of the highway in neighboring Sausalito where I was able to take this picture! The contrast of dark and light as the sun fights its way above the horizon and through the thick marine layer clouds was simply awesome. San Francisco at its finest.

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  1. Lovely photo. Steve, I posted your photo to Google+ with your quote and linked to you. Let me know if that is not okay.

  2. I love how the skyline is being hidden by the clouds in the background, really cool shot!

  3. Michael

    Taken at just the right time – the colours are perfect

  4. Stunning. A beautiful new way to view the city.

  5. Amazing! I love it!

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