Travel Photo of the Day: Red Rocks of the Outback

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outback australia

The colors in the Outback of Australia are stunning!

The famous Australian Outback is something special. The food here also exceeds that of the American Restaurant chain. Our travel club went on an adventure to Australia back in 2008. Sydney was our favorite city and the Outback was a close second (although they are so different it’s really hard to compare).  Check out the details and colors in the rocks. The two must see places are Uluru & Kata Tjuta (also known as the Olgas). While Uluru is the more famous rock, we found the Olgas to be equally stunning. These rocks were found somewhere in between.

We cannot wait to head back to Oz and explore more of this sun burnt country!

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  1. The red of the outback is truly special, and is what captivated me during my year there. Amazing place.

  2. Those red rocks are stunning!

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