Travel Photo of the Day: Library of Celsus

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Turkey Group Tour

The Library of Celsus is an ancient Roman structure in Ephesus, Anatolia (now part of Selcuk, Turkey). It was built in honor of Roman Senator, Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemeanus and was one of the most impressive structures during the Roman Empire. It could store over 12,000 scrolls, making it the 3rd largest library and preservation of knowledge in the world and was also a mausoleum for Tiberius, who is buried in a crypt beneath the library in a marbled sarcophagus. Unfortunately, The interior of the library and all its books were destroyed by fire in a devastating earthquake which struck the city in 262 AD. It was not until the 2nd half of the 20th century that archeologists reconstructed the stunning facade for us to experience and photograph today.

Stay tuned for our next small group tour to Turkey and experience the amazing ruins of Ephesus & so much more!

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