Travel Photo of the Day: Milford Sound in NZ!

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new zealand landscapes

Our awesome road trip in NZ began with a boat trip through Milford Sound!

New Zealand is a country full of adventure. This picture was taken in Milford Sound toward the bottom of the southern island. Our travel club did a two week road trip for an epic vacation! The name is actually confusing because Milford Sound is actually a fjord not a sound!  The difference is there size and how they are formed. Fjords are generally much narrower bodies of water with high cliffs that opens into an ocean. They are created through glacial activity as it carves through the earth. After millions of years of climate change a melted glacier becomes the fjord. Sounds are not necessarily formed through glacial activity and are usually wider than fjords with less drastic cliffs on each side.

The bottom line is this place is magical. Its beauty cannot be expressed in pictures like the one above. We’ll plan another epic trip to New Zealand soon!

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  1. Gorgeous photo! Take me there now!

  2. Great pic, what a dreamy place!

  3. The cruise on Milford Sound was one of the highlights of my year in New Zealand. Truly an amazing place.

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