Travel Photo of the Day: Marmot Love

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Our travel club took this funny shot while on a trip to the Canadian Rockies. The marmot is proposing!

The Canadian Rockies is a magical land that any backpacker, travel lover, and photographer will go crazy over! Though more known for its sweeping landscapes, intense blue lakes, and rocky mountains, the Canadian Rockies is also filled with unique animals like the marmot above. These guys were so funny and not shy at all. They would come right up to us and steal our food! We caught them in a very romantic moment above (she said yes!). The Canadian marmot can be found in higher altitudes along many great hiking trails. We found these guys on our favorite hike of all time: Cavelle Meadows. We will post some pics of this hike so you see why. For now you can see all our Canadian Rockies Pictures on our pics page.

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  1. They’re gorgeous! 🙂

  2. I didn’t realize marmots existed in North America. I have them in my mind associated with Mongolia. Cute picture.

  3. Cute, I love marmots, they never fail to entertain.

  4. Ha ha – so cute!!

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