Travel Photo of the Day: Paradise in Bar Harbor, Maine

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beautiful maine

Maine: The way Life Should Be

Some may not think of Maine as a paradise but those who know it sure do. There state slogan says it all: “The Way Life Should Be”. This massive state (for the East Coast anyway…) is filled with charm, culture, great food, and of course stunning landscapes. We took this photo on a trip to Bar Harbor with our travel club. Gotta love the peace and serenity of a Maine lake like this. Bar Harbor is pretty far north however so be prepared for some chilly water if you hope to take a dip unless you’re there in August. We will be…

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  1. I agree. Maine is lovely and so unexpected.

  2. Great shot…visited Maine one time. It was beautiful!

  3. What a gorgeous view! I have always wanted to visit Maine to take a tour of the light houses and wineries. 🙂

  4. Maine is lovely. And the food, yum! Nice shot! -Veronica

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