Travel Photo of the Day: Learning to Windsurf

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windsurf lessons

Our travel club learning to windsurf on a secluded lake in Northern California

Windsurfing is sweet. Our adventure travel club got private lessons on a beautiful lake in Northern California. The lake was perfect for learning and we had just enough wind to get us up and moving but not too much to make it difficult. We were escorted by a house boat and got to luxury camp for 4 days on this all inclusive retreat (some call it glamping)! In addition to the windsurfing we hiked, kayaked, sailed, relaxed, & ate AWESOME food! We definitely recommend wind surfing and will try some more lessons next year for those who couldn’t make it.

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  1. I love windsurfing! I learnt over a week in Greece – was so much fun 😀

    • Yeah! The basics of windsurfing aren’t too hard either once you get the hang of it…

  2. Where is this lake? It looks lovely. I windsurf at Sherman island near Rio vista.

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