Travel Photo of the Day: The Lights of the Hagia Sophia

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exploring hagia sophia

One of the most stunning feats of architecture in the modern world! Our travel club loved visiting the Hagia Sophia in Turkey...

If you visit Turkey, Istanbul is a must. When you visit Istanbul, exploring the nooks and crannies of the Hagia Sophia is the first thing you should do. Going to this world class city is not complete without seeing this historical, cultural, & architectural wonder.  We took this picture on one of the higher balconies overlooking the main hall. The long hanging lights are really unique and made for a cool picture as we looked down into them from above. We love Turkey and will be planning our next trip here soon enough!


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  1. Is your next trip a new photo tour? Would love to join if it is. already signed up to your newsletter

    • Awesome! The next big trip is our Kenya Migration Safari in September (about the best photo tour you could ask for! haha). We are also doing a number of 3 night luxury camping trips in Mendocino CA in September…

  2. ohh–We won’t be heading back to Turkey until 2014 most likely…

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