Travel Photo of the Day: Graffiti Man in Costa Rica

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Really well-done graffiti in Costa Rica.

One of our most requested trips takes us through Central America. Yeah, we’re talking about ourĀ Best of Central America trip, that will take us in Guatemala, Costa Rica & Nicaragua. It’s a trip with great interest from amateur & professional photographers since it features Volcanoes, Hot Springs, Mayan Ruins, & the Largest Lake in Central America! That doesn’t mean that the city life doesn’t provide a great opportunity for photography. For example, take a look at this graffiti we managed to snap a picture of while in Costa Rica

If you like this type of street art, the “Graffiti man” in Costa Rica is a great example of interesting photography opportunities you can find during our Best of Central America trip. The details are amazing, and it makes me wonder what’s the story behind it. If we were to guess, it has something to do with overthinking and the sad, but interesting thoughts, that take life in someone’s brain. The extra detail on the graffiti man’s ear could suggest that we’re predisposed (and somewhat addicted) to think too much about what people have to say about us, and about the World.

The Best of Central America trip takes place in spring 2018. If you’re interested, please send us an email at

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