Travel Photo of the Day: Graffiti in Galway

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grafitti in galway

The Irish have some damn talented graffiti artists…

On our travel club’s group tour to Ireland we saw a lot more than just castles, churches, & a whole lot of GREEN! In Galway, Cork, & Dublin there were a lot beautiful paintings. And most of the ones we saw came in the form of graffiti. This photograph was taken on a side street in Galway and no one seemed to be rushing to clean this masterpiece off the wall. In addition to the famous coastal cliffs, green expanses, & extravagant castles, graffiti and tattoo artists add a colorful addition to Ireland’s sub-culture.



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  1. I love street art. This one looks pretty impressive.

  2. I’m always looking for fab street art while traveling. This is a fab find in Galway.

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