Travel Photo of the Day: Sydney Opera House & Cityscape

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Sydney Opera House Cityscape

A nice shot of the Sydney Opera House with downtown Sydney in the background

Sydney Australia is one of the world’s greatest cities! Our very own travel club creator, Steve Juba, used to live there and still regards it as his favorite place in the world! There are endless things to do here from adventure sports, hiking, kayaking, surfing, nightlife, shopping, eating, & beach lounging! The list goes on and on.

We describe Sydney as a mix of the best cities in the US. If you could put Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, & San Diego in a blender, Sydney would pop out the other end!


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  1. One of my fave cities!

  2. Beautiful! The sky is such a deep blue!

  3. Great description of Sydney (my hometown). I’ve been to each of the US cities you mentioned and they all reminded me of Sydney a bit (except Chicago.. don’t know why…)

    • haha the downtown area of Sydney reminded me of Chicago a bit but out of all of them-you’re right. It’s probably the least like Chicago…

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