Travel Photo of the Day: The Plantation Trees, Charleston SC

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Charleston Plantation Photography

The Epic Trees with iconic Spanish moss line Boone Hall’s Plantation entrance…

We don’t showcase too many images from the good old US of A often, HOWEVER, this shot we took on a tour of Charleston, SC was certainly worthy of sharing. The Boone Hall Plantation epitomizes the iconic ┬áplantations of The South. The plantations website sums it up best: “In 1743, the son of Major John Boone planted live oak trees, arranging them in two evenly spaced rows. This spectacular approach to his home symbolizes southern heritage and will take root in your memory for many years to come. It would take two centuries for the massive, moss-draped branches to meet overhead, forming today’s natural corridor”


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  1. Wow, two centuries to achieve that look. That’s some serious pre-planning, heh.

  2. Two centuries certainly is a long time! It’s matured into a beautiful almost canopy. Thanks for sharing this photo!

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