Travel Photo of the Day: Howler Monkey in Costa Rica

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costa rica monkeys

These Howler Monkeys in Costa Rica make the coolest sounds when they talk. They do indeed howl!

We love monkeys and Costa Rica is a great place to go on a monkey safari! This shot is of the famous Howler monkey known for its loud howling voice. Their calls can be heard from miles away and are in fact used as a defense mechanism to scare of threats and predators in addition to talking to their own kind. If you imitate a Howler monkeys calls, they will talk right back to you! Join our travel club on the next Costa Rica safari adventure in 2013!



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  1. Great photo – what a lot of personality it has!

  2. Nice shot – I love his heart-shaped face

  3. I’ve got a great photo of howler monkey balls too 🙂

  4. Now that’s a distinct face – great shot!

  5. Ummm…. it looks like it could be low hanging fruit… perhaps?

  6. Great shot! I’m going to try howling back the next time I hear one roar in my travels.

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