Travel Photo of the Day: Elephant Close-up in Kenya Safari

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elephant in Kenya safari

If you didn’t sign-up for our All Inclusive Kenya Migration Safari, then you’re missing out. This trip to Africa is worthy of everyone’s bucket list. We’re going to let you in a little secret, by joining the trip you’ll not only have the chance to get amazing photos like the above close-up of a Kenyan elephant, but you’ll also have a huge chance to be part of the Great Migration! Don’t know what that is? Well, there’s a reason why we organize this trip in July.

July is during the height of the GREAT MIGRATION into the Masai Mara! This is when over 1.5 million wildebeests & 300,000 zebra & antelope travel with their young from Tanzania to Kenya. In July the plains will be FILLED TO THE BRIM with these animals and their iconic predators (lions, leopards, crocodiles, & more)!

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