Travel Photo of the Day: Canadian Rockies-Bluest Lake Ever!

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Morraine Lake in Canada

No Joke! The lakes we encountered in the Canadian Rockies were really this blue! We didn’t photoshop these colors!

Pictures will never do justice the astounding lakes of the Canadian Rockies. The bright blues & turquoise colors are so vivid and surreal every picture we took looks fake or photoshopped (we swear they are not!).  The unique colors are formed as the sun bounces of the rock flower which is deposited into the lakes year round. This substance is formed from the constant erosion of bedrock by the glaciers. Very few lakes give off these intense blue colors so for those wanderlusters in North America, the Canadian Rockies is the best place to explore them. Similar lakes can be found in Northern Europe in countries such as Norway. Our travel club will plan another trip here soon so keep your eye’s peeled!

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  1. It’s true! Saw this same lake with my very own eyes in June and it was amazing!!!

  2. That is some incredible stuff….I’ve only seen that in pics of Iceland!

  3. Wow wonderful landscape!

  4. Unbelievably blue! But it’s true – the Rockies require no Photoshop!

  5. Is that Lake Louise? we were just there last month..and all the lakes look like that, it’s true. Beautiful.

  6. Ok, that is pretty blue 🙂

  7. There’s no place like Banff and Lake Louise in the summer time and it’s such a photogenic location.

    The color REALLY IS that color!

    Visit… you won’t regret the time spent there.


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