Best Travel Photo Contest! And the winner is….

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Being a travel club for photography lovers we’re proud to present the winner of our first travel photo contest! We gave away an AWESOME prize: a Spider Holster Black Widow Kit! (a value of $65.99). It’s a camera holster to replace the ever annoying shoulder strap. I’ve been using it for months and LOVE IT! We’ll also start bringing an extra one for our members to try out on our adventures!

And now for the winner…

El-Jadida, Morocco

This awesome photograph was taken in the Portuguese Cistern in Morocco

 Our winner is travel club member Martin Cauchon from Quebec, Canada.

Martin writes:

“The picture has been taken in the Portuguese cistern at El-Jadida, Morocco. As we are traveling with the kids (3 weeks in Morocco from Canada with 8 years twins 😉 ) I do not have the opportunity to bring a lot of photo gear with me… So, in this dark room, with a Nikon D90 (picture’s grainy over 800 ISO), a not that fast 18-200 lens (would have kill for my 24-70 2.8) and NO tripod, I did my best. Shoulder against a stone pillar, I held my breath and then click. I just can’t tell how happy I was with the result.”

Camera & shot specs:

Nikon D90
0,167 sec (1/6)
18 mm
800 ISO

The cistern was built in 1514, originally a warehouse, was converted into a cistern during the 16th century. The chamber in the picture was built with five rows of five stone pillars. You see the thin layer of water that covers the floor which has made the cistern famous (and great for photography too). The small beam of light that illuminates the chamber creates awesome reflections off the walls and columns which was captured so beautifully by Martin in his photograph.

A special thanks to the Nikon D90 Facebook page for hosting our contest and thanks again to Spider Holster for sponsoring our first travel photo contest giveaway! Congratulations Martin!

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  1. Its extraordinary! without tripod.. great work.. 🙂 Congrats

  2. That’s a really magical shot – well done!

  3. Gorgeous photo. Amazing reflections. Congrats, Martin!

  4. Hey that is a fantastically atmospheric photograph, congratulations!

  5. Alex Morris

    An amazing picture, it’s always been a country I wanted to visit! Somewhere like that should be in a movie at some point – a great picture. The reflection from the water is what makes it; very mysterious.

  6. this is so beautiful!! i am considering to buy a dslr cam. good recommnedation btw.!

  7. This is an incredible picture! Just curious, is the beam of light artificial or natural? The color of the light leads me to believe artificial, but I just want to be sure… Thanks!

  8. Great jog! Beautiful picture. Really makes me want to go there for a visit.

  9. Amazing reflection & fantastic photography…….

  10. the grain adds ‘authenticity’. lovely.

  11. Everything looks amazing. It could be hard taking such a shot especially without a tripod at hand.

  12. Wow! How cool was the shot?! Nice..

  13. amazing this photo have some flourishing with any software like photoshop or not?just curious

  14. Wowww 😀 Excellent Pic…

  15. Congratulations from Italy!!!

  16. nice shot! can’t believe you got that without a tripod!

  17. beautiful shot! right time and right moment. congrats!

  18. Jesper, The Biveros Effect

    A really amaizing photo for sure. 🙂

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