Travel Photo of the Day: Blue Mosque at Sunset (Istanbul)

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sunset Blue Mosque

Amazing Shot of Blue Mosque and skyline in Istanbul taken from our Hotel Roof!

This picture is special. We took it from the roof of our Istanbul hotel during the Turkey trip. What you see is the blue Mosque (left) and neighboring mosques across the Bosphorus Strait (right). The sunset this night was truly spectacular and the roof offered 360 degree views of the entire city and surrounding area. Behind us was a great view of the Hagia Sophia and to the right of this picture was a¬†phenomenal¬†view of the strait and both sides of the city (“New City” on one side of the Bosphorus and “Old City” on the other). If you haven’t been to Turkey yet make sure you go ASAP. Our Turkey tour was a special one and we’ll head back soon enough!


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