Travel Photo of the Day: Blackpoint Shack in Maine

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blackpoint maine

Southern Maine is one of our favorite New England Destinations! We took this shot in Blackpoint near Portland, Maine.

Southern Maine is our travel club’s favorite part of New England.  Portland, Maine is one of the jewels of New England and the food, nightlife, shopping, and music in this classic port town is phenomenal. This picture was taken in Blackpoint about 20 minutes south of Portland. The coastline here is gorgeous with ocean cliffs and cabins, houses, & shacks like this one that are so reminiscent of New England.


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  1. Awesome…have only visited Maine once, and it blew me away. Perhaps it is time to return….

  2. Looks like a fun place to become a hermit for a while 😉

  3. Wow! I can’t imagine living in that little house. It would be exciting though!

  4. I just visited the St. George area (about 2 hours from Portland). So beautiful. And the lobster… wow!

    • Oh really when?? We have a place in southern Maine in Old Orchard Beach (20 minutes south of Portland). If you ever come back we gotta meet up!

  5. Gorgeous shot! I’m so intrigued by Maine – I want to just drive along the coast and eat lobster every day =)

  6. Beautiful picture! Must get to Maine sometime!

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