Travel Photo of the Day: Aspen Streak, Colorado

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Aspen Trees Colorado

We had a blast on our Colorado Rockies Hiking Trip. Check out the beautiful Aspen trees!

One of our favorite things from the group hiking tour to the Colorado Rockies was the beautiful Aspen Trees. These trees are very picky about which elevations, soil, and environment they grow in making brilliant displays of natural beauty when they scatter in between less pick trees and vegetation. Their brilliant yellow color comes out only in the fall and photographers from all over the world travel to this region of the US to snap landscape photos featuring their beauty. We look forward to planning another group tour to the Colorado Rockies to see these beautiful trees and the other amazing landscapes all around.

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  1. Beautiful! I am reminded of the beauty of fall colours exploding through forests!

  2. Hiking through Colorado Rockies must be a wonderful thing to do.

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