Destination Travel Guide: China

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great wall photographyBeing both old and immense, it is no surprise that China is home to numerous natural and man-made attractions. Cities of note tend to have at least one significant historical site, while scenes of natural splendor abound in the stretches of unspoiled landscape that remain.

Here are three examples of the solo activities that can be found in China (this is obviously just the tip of the iceberg):

1. * Beijing is home to the Forbidden City that once housed the Ming and Qing forbidden city photosemperors. Although damaged, the Forbidden City is still one of the finest extant examples of Chinese palatial architecture. Visitors can both tour the grounds and see the collections housed in the on-site museum.

archway to immortality2. * Taishan is one of China’s Five Great Mountains. Hikers can climb forested slopes to reach its mist-shrouded pinnacles. Although the views of the surrounding landscape are spectacular, Taishan is also home to many temples clinging to its precipitous heights.

Harbin has hosted its International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival since 1963. Participants canharbin ice gaze at the themed sculptures, enter full-sized buildings made of ice, and even go alpine skiing. We love this event because it’s not what you would typically think of when traveling to China.

Although tourists tend to congregate at the most famous destinations, the Chinese landscape is full of activities and attractions to suit all tastes. After all, it is the largest country in the world!

Our travel club will be planning a group tour to China for 2014. Keep your eyes peeled!


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  1. Wow, love the pic of the colourfully lit ice sculpture! I’ve had a taste of China in January but definitely keen to get back and see more.

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