Travel Photo of the Day: Inside Istanbul’s Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey was one of our favorite stops in this world class city. Truly a spiritual epi-center, Blue Mosque is often overlooked by the world famous religious building right next door: the Hagia Sophia. While the history and evolution of the Hagia Sophia is astonishing, the Blue Mosque has quite a history and stunning appearance of it’s own.  In fact, we think...
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Best Hotels: Pamukkale Turkey

Join Free: We stayed in some great boutique hotels and 4 star properties on our travel clubs Turkey Tour. In Pamukkale where the famous hot springs and baths have created the awesome white structure formed out of travertine rock, we stayed in a great resort overlooking this amazing natural wonder. With 3 pools, a great view, and a relaxing spa–we’ll be...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Hot Air Balloon in Turkey!

One of our favorite pictures from our photography travel club’s trip to Turkey last October, 2012!  This central part of Turkey (known as Cappadocia) is full of magical landscapes like this one. The pinnacle rocks are formed from thousands of years of erosion upon the sandstone and make hot air balloon rides a must! The most famous area (where we took our travel club) is known as Devrent...
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Silk Cocoons in Turkey: How to process silk

Join Free: Our travel club for photo lovers and solo travelers really got a kick out of this place. We visited a carpet factory on our trip to Turkey and got to see how they spin silk from the cocoons of silk worms. Really interesting to see how they do it and was just one of many interesting things we learned about turkish carpet making. They first have to soak the...
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