Travel Photo of the Day: Beautiful Louise (Canadian Rockies)

One of the best trips we’ve ever done for photography was in the Canadian Rockies. Lake Louise above was our first glance at one of mind blowing lakes with colors we thought were only in fairy tales. Check out our Canadian Rockies pictures and see why. We cannot wait to put together another group tour to the Canadian Rockies next year. It’s truly an unforgettable...
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Costa Rica Insects! The Hercules Beetle

Join Free: Check out this HUGE beetle in Costa Rica. The Hercules Beetle is the largest in the rhinoceros beetle family. The one in this video is a female (they are much larger than the males). The males have a huge horn in the front unlike this one. They flourish in rainforests throughout Central and South America. Our travel club had a fun time playing around with him at...
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Destination Travel Guide: Peru

In Peru, a South American country bordered by well known nations like Columbia and Brazil, visitors enjoy a lush paradise populated by a mixture of unique cultures. The natural and cultural treasures of this country have fascinated people for centuries and continue to bring in thousands of visitors a year. There are numerous things to see and do in Peru, but the following list breaks it down into...
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Safari In Kenya!

Join Free: PhotoFly Travel Club went on an epic African Safari in Kenya last year and we’re heading back for the migration this September 2012! Check out this video of our first game drive and within minutes we were up close and personal to giraffes everywhere! Be sure to join our travel club free and sign up for the Kenya Migration...
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Best Hotels: Pamukkale Turkey

Join Free: We stayed in some great boutique hotels and 4 star properties on our travel clubs Turkey Tour. In Pamukkale where the famous hot springs and baths have created the awesome white structure formed out of travertine rock, we stayed in a great resort overlooking this amazing natural wonder. With 3 pools, a great view, and a relaxing spa–we’ll be...
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Ireland: Cliffs of Moher

Join Free: Our travel club is now obsessed with Ireland. We will travel to Ireland many times to come! This video is of the amazing Cliffs of Moher. These Cliffs are so huge and high the video just doesn’t do it justice. They are located in the Burren region of County Clare. They are made out of Namurian shale and sandstone. They orginally derived their name for an the...
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Hiking in Bryce Canyon!

Join Free: Bryce Canyon National Park is awesome! Our travel club made its way there in May 2012. This park is filled with the famous “hoodoos”. These rock structures made of sandstone have been formed over millions of years of erosion upon the remarkable Colorado Plateau. Be sure to come with us next time on our trips to the Western National Parks: Zion, Bryce,...
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Making Corn Tortillas in Costa Rica!

Join Free: Check out this video of our photography travel club making corn tortillas at a local farm in Costa Rica. We had a blast on this trip getting excellent shots of exotic & rare birds. Our excellent guide, Alex, helped show us how to make the best homemade corn tortilla!
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Camel Rides in Luxor, Egypt!

Join Free: Our photography travel club were surprised when riding camels turned out to be pretty comfortable! We’d all heard stories of how uncomfortable the touristy past time is when traveling to Egypt. Maybe we got lucky and had some good humps! We were in Luxor during this video and got to ride the camels through banana fields and the local village. Certainly...
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