Travel Photo of the Day: Egyptian Sailor at Dusk

Travel photography shouldn’t be only about wildlife, monuments or landscapes. When visiting a foreign country, a photographer should always try and spot the differences between the two nationalities. What makes them different than you, what special characteristic do you admire? For example, while we were on a photography trip in Egypt (with professional and amateur photographers) we...
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Travel Photo of the Day: “Chapel on the Rock”, Colorado Rockies

We just had to stop and get shots of this stunning church built among the Colorado Rockies. Most our travel clubs trip took us through awesome hiking trails where we got shots of mountains, waterfalls, and nature. This was a wonderful change of scenery. The stained glass windows were also stunning from the inside! The church is famously known as “Chapel on the Rock” and...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Ducks in Cambodia

This picture may look a little morbid but we love the simplicity and rawness of the image. This string of dead ducks was attached to a young boys bicycle in Cambodia. Our trip here was unforgettable and seeing things like this on the side of the road really opens your eyes to the vast differences in culture between the western world and the east. Places like this in Southeast Asia are a culture...
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Uncornered Market: Tips from An Around the World Travel Couple

  This is a great little article about our friends over at Uncornered Market.  Some really great travel info, advice, and reading from these experienced wanderlusts. In December 2006, Dan and Audrey quit their jobs to follow their dream of traveling around the world for a year or two.  Five years and over 70 countries later, they are still going…and still married. In addition to traveling to...
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Collecting People: The wonders of traveling with all types and how one person got there…

  Recently over Thai food a friend of mine asked me to tell her all about my trip booked with PhotoFly Travel Club where I spent 10 lovely days in Ireland. I’ve been traveling since as long as I can remember. Some times for a good reason, and some times not so much. I attended school in three different states for First through Third grades. Not just 3 different schools, but in entirely...
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Elephant Crossing! Kenya Safari!

Join Free: This was an amazing safari experience. As we stopped in the middle of the masai mara  whole family of elephants crossed the road in front of our eyes. They were so close you could touch them! Amazing pictures and great memories from our travel clubs safari in Kenya!
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