Destination Travel Guide: Morocco

Morocco is an old and beautiful land filled with rugged mountains and stretches of desert sand. Its coast is home to numerous beach resorts & boutique hotels that are perfect for travelers interested in rest, relaxation, and adventure! Morocco’s fascinating history leaves a plethora of Roman and Islamic sites for culture lovers, while those lusting for adventure can head into the...
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Destination Travel Guide: Experience Okinawa & the Ryukyu Kingdom

The Ryukyu Kingdom once served as a bridge between China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Since becoming a part of Japan in 1868, the Ryukyu Island chain (comprised of 100’s of islands over 620 miles long) is one of the most popular tourist destinations in what is now called the Okinawa prefecture. Along with the warm and welcoming climate, those interested in travel photography will not get bored...
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Destination Travel Guide: Rwanda: Caves, Rain Forests, & Gorillas Oh My!

Rwanda, known as the “land of a thousand hills”, is a unique destination for travel photography. It’s perhaps best known as one of the few destinations in the whole world where you can encounter majestic mountain gorillas! We’ll tell you about our favourite parts of this astounding country in this weeks destination travel guide. Gorrillas and volcanoes: Seemingly endless mountains...
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Destination Travel Guide: Travel Namibia!

Where can you take a group tour incorporating superb wildlife viewing opportunities and a photographer’s heaven? Travel Namibia! With its vast desert landscapes and rugged mountains Namibia offers spectacular national parks ideal for adventure travel & photography lovers. Etosha National Park is home to some of the most unique safaris. This vast, flat, desert landscape is surrounded by...
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Destination Travel Guide: Untouched Mongolia

Given its sparse population, it’s no coincidence that most of Mongolia’s beautiful expanse remains in pristine condition. Although much of the sprawling landscape consists of the Eurasian Steppe, it borders both the Gobi Desert and three separate mountain ranges. This allows travelers to experience untouched nature in a range of interesting and unusual scenery. If you’re more interested...
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Destination Travel Guide: Adventures in Belize!

If you are looking for a tropical location that offers stunning beaches, vast coral reefs, amazing caves, and a laid back attitude to life, look no further. It’s why Belize is one of the top destinations in Central America and our travel club will be planning a small group tour here soon. We recommend the below highlights for an adventure trip to Belize: Belize has a large network of...
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Destination Travel Guide: Beautiful Bolivia

Bolivia offers a superb variety of natural and historical man made sites. In the urban areas, travelers can experience a culture that still retains influence from both the Inca and the Spanish, while outside, the pristine landscape is both beautiful and diverse. Despite its past problems, Bolivia provides an experience that adventure & culture lovers will embrace while getting fantastic...
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Destination Travel Guide: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” because of its location, but the rest can be attributed to its natural splendor. We hope to plan a group adventure to Sri Lanka one of these days so check out some highlights below to get your travel bug jittering! * Anuradhapura is the modern capital of North Central Province, but was made an UNESCO World Heritage site for its illustrious...
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Destination Travel Guide: Adventure & Culture in Nepal

Nepal is rich in both cultural heritage and natural beauty with plenty to see and explore in the striking landscapes of the Himalayas. The landlocked country contains 8 of the 14 mountain peaks in the world that are over 26,000 feet high. Mountain flight tours are an ideal way to witness the magnificence of the Himalayas for the non-hikers out there! Colorful festivals in August and September...
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