The Cheapest Ways To See Antarctica

Traveling to exotic places is something any wander luster would love to do. Antarctica is the most far-flung place on the planet, and many think it’s only for scientists researching the frigid, unique geography. In reality, Antarctica is a beautiful sparse land where ice is everywhere: on the horizon, on the ground, in the ocean, and in the mountains. Nevertheless, the beauty of this land is...
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Where & When to Travel

It’s true that certain destinations can be really pricey when it comes down to it. Factor in airfare and hotel costs and you could be looking at spending a pretty penny. Traveling smart is important for saving money and enjoying where that money goes! Thankfully there are ways to offset costs for the conscientious world traveler. Choosing the right time of the year and looking out for the best...
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The Benefits of Group Travel

5 Key Benefits of Traveling With a Group! Join our Travel Club FREE Here (or on the sign up form to your right —> ) 1. Save Money: There are all sorts of places where you can save lots of cash when traveling with a group like us. More details below… 2. No Tedious & Time Consuming Planning: We do all the work for you and spend lots of time and energy creating unique,...
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Teaching English in the Hills of Spain

Four hours north of Madrid, Valdelavilla, a Medieval-style hamlet in the little-visited Soria province, definitely isn’t for everyone. Two- and three-story stone buildings house the accommodations that are simply furnished sans radio or air conditioning. Steep staircases, low wood beam ceilings, and irregular floors all define the rustic cottages. The bars on any cell phone are pretty much...
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Traveling Costa Rica Coast to Coast!

Costa Rica is a country nestled in Central America. Nicaragua is bordered to the north and Panama to the southeast. This volcano littered country attracts droves of tourists throughout the year due to the mild tropical temperatures, world renowned bio-diversity, beaches, and adventure activities that can be enjoyed year round. It’s all possible due to the geographical location of Costa Rica:...
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The Highlights of France!

France is a beautiful country and one of the oldest in modern Europe. You can literally feel the history and culture in the air as you walk through places where the movers and shakers of the world lived and loved while they worked to change the course of the human race. France has played a pivotal part in helping shape the history of the world, and the evidence of this history passing by is...
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A South Africa Safari: The Big 5’s

Top 5 South Africa Animals & Top Five South Africa Accommodations South Africa is a country with vast expanses of unspoiled wilderness teeming with wild animals. The endless planes and gorgeous backdrops for discovering these creatures can make the vacation of a lifetime: a South African safari. Whether you go on safari with family, friends, or a travel group, there are some things you must...
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Destination Travel Guide: Prague

Top 3 things to do in Prague This weeks destination travel guide will help you out on your first trip to Prague. Prague is a beautiful and historic city with a wealth of things to see and do for tourists. If you are only visiting the city for a day or weekend trip, use our guide to the top 3 things to do in Prague as a way to make the most of your time. 1. Visit the Old Town Prague’s Old...
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Should You Take Travel Vaccines Abroad?

Millions of people love to travel around the world. Going on a trip either by plane or boat to experience different cultures and everything in between is such an exhilarating experience. It can be relaxing, exciting, exhausting and fulfilling all at once. But amidst the excitement and joy of it all lies the danger of getting viruses and other maladies that can not only hamper your trip and affect...
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