Beyond Skiing in Squaw at Tahoe

When Californians think of Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley, 90% will tell you it’s where you go to ski. But the beauty of Tahoe and this valley in Northern California goes far beyond the famed winter sport. Our travel club recently finished up the season this year with some spring skiing in April. Little did we know this season merely opens up to 3 more epic ones: spring, summer, and fall. Yes,...
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Skiing at North Lake Tahoe!

I’m not a huge skier. In fact, I never understood why so many people wait eagerly for the frigid winter to spend thousands of dollars only to drive 5 hours back and forth every weekend. On top of that, they have to deal with the whole process of skiing or snowboarding (it’s really a lot of work: getting rentals or stuffing the equipment in and out of the car, putting it on (not as easy as you...
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