Travel Photo of the Day: Traditional Peruvian Dress

In 2010, our travel club took an exciting adventure to Peru! One of our favorite parts of this trip were the people and their beautiful, authentic clothes & hats. This shot is a perfect example of the traditional Peruvian dress that many of the locals still wear (of course half the time its for tourists).  Peru is filled with amazing history most notably with the Inca Empire dating only...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Marmot Love

The Canadian Rockies is a magical land that any backpacker, travel lover, and photographer will go crazy over! Though more known for its sweeping landscapes, intense blue lakes, and rocky mountains, the Canadian Rockies is also filled with unique animals like the marmot above. These guys were so funny and not shy at all. They would come right up to us and steal our food! We caught them in a very...
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Top 3 Types of Travel Photography

As a travel club that’s proud to call travel photography its favorite core value it makes sense to talk about the 3 types of snapshots we love the most on our adventures. Many photographers and world travelers tend to focus on 1 or 2 of these categories but the best have mastered all 3. People & Culture Taking pictures on your world explorations wouldn’t be complete without capturing the...
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