Travel Photo of the Day: The Herd, Peru Culture

Just another day at the office Not sure what it is about this image from our Peru group tour back in 2010, but we love it. Perhaps it’s the essence of true Peru culture that seems to emanate from the photograph. We took this shot driving through the Sacred Valley. Needless to say, the women of the Peruvian highlands are tougher than most men in...
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Travel Photo of the Day: SF CityScape at Sunrise

An eery, but very cool morning photograph of the SF cityscape On our way up to Marin County for some hiking adventures with our travel club back in 2010, we encountered this fantastic sunrise showcasing the gorgeous SF cityscape. Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, I turned my head to the right and was floored by this beautiful scene. Fortunately there is a great viewpoint on the side of the...
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Hawaii Adventure Photo Contest Round 2!

We’re gearing up for some more Big Island Adventures this December but before we go we must honor this summer’s 2013 Big Island Adventure Photo Contest Winners! For each trip our members submit their top 2 favorite images and we all vote unanimously for the winner who receives a Hawaiian themed prize! In July & August we had 4 members take home the gold. Check out their great Big...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Hungry Hippo in Tanzania!

This photo we took in Tanzania reminds me of the kids board game “Hungry Hungry Hippos”! Our epic adventure safari here did not disappoint. There were literally HUNDREDS of hippos in this “hippo pool” in Serengeti National Park. If you haven’t been on a safari tour with us you’ve got to sign up...
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Travel Photo of the Day: SF Skyline via Golden Gate

Though our members are from all over the country and even the world, SF is where we call home. Not a bad backyard huh? This shot was taken with our travel club on a hike across the Marin headlands. The hike ends at this epic viewpoint of the bridge and the city. Not sure why it looks like it was taken in 1982 but the effect is kind of cool.  Need to upgrade our Nikon body and lenses...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Inside Istanbul’s Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey was one of our favorite stops in this world class city. Truly a spiritual epi-center, Blue Mosque is often overlooked by the world famous religious building right next door: the Hagia Sophia. While the history and evolution of the Hagia Sophia is astonishing, the Blue Mosque has quite a history and stunning appearance of it’s own.  In fact, we think...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Working Woman at the Vietnam Floating Markets

The Cai Rang  floating markets along the Mekong Delta are a must visit when traveling to Vietnam! Our travel club took a boat trip along the lazy river where hundreds of farmers barter and sell right from the water. The people here are so resourceful and make do with whatever they have to to sell there goods on the delta. Most boats have been equipped with re-purposed tractor and other...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Ducks in Cambodia

This picture may look a little morbid but we love the simplicity and rawness of the image. This string of dead ducks was attached to a young boys bicycle in Cambodia. Our trip here was unforgettable and seeing things like this on the side of the road really opens your eyes to the vast differences in culture between the western world and the east. Places like this in Southeast Asia are a culture...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Blackpoint Shack in Maine

Southern Maine is our travel club’s favorite part of New England.  Portland, Maine is one of the jewels of New England and the food, nightlife, shopping, and music in this classic port town is phenomenal. This picture was taken in Blackpoint about 20 minutes south of Portland. The coastline here is gorgeous with ocean cliffs and cabins, houses, & shacks like this one that are...
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