Travel Photo of the Day: The Herd, Peru Culture

Just another day at the office Not sure what it is about this image from our Peru group tour back in 2010, but we love it. Perhaps it’s the essence of true Peru culture that seems to emanate from the photograph. We took this shot driving through the Sacred Valley. Needless to say, the women of the Peruvian highlands are tougher than most men in...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Little Girl and Her Floating Island in Peru

Our next group tour to Peru is next week so we thought it would be fitting to share one of our favorite travel photographs from our first adventure here a few years ago! This cute little Peruvian girl lives in the Puno area on the border of Bolivia. Her home is on the famous floating islands of Lake Titicaca which are comprised of dried reeds that grow rampantly in the surrounding waters. These...
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Travel Photo of the Day: The Rock Face in Peru

The Sacred Valley is a must stop on any trip to Peru and this cool rock on the side of a mountain is just one of hundreds of reasons why. This face reminded me of “The Old Man of the Mountain” growing up; a face jutting out of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This guy doesn’t look as happy however. Our travel club goes on a group tour to Peru every year and we always stop...
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Destination Travel Guide: Peru

In Peru, a South American country bordered by well known nations like Columbia and Brazil, visitors enjoy a lush paradise populated by a mixture of unique cultures. The natural and cultural treasures of this country have fascinated people for centuries and continue to bring in thousands of visitors a year. There are numerous things to see and do in Peru, but the following list breaks it down into...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Traditional Peruvian Dress

In 2010, our travel club took an exciting adventure to Peru! One of our favorite parts of this trip were the people and their beautiful, authentic clothes & hats. This shot is a perfect example of the traditional Peruvian dress that many of the locals still wear (of course half the time its for tourists).  Peru is filled with amazing history most notably with the Inca Empire dating only...
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Money, Transit, & Bartering in Peru

Peru is located on the western coast of South America. This beautiful country is a wonderful destination for vacationers looking for adventure, hiking, culture, & world class history! But visiting any country can come with some inherent issues. You must do some research on the area in order to understand the currency exchange rates, how to buy products and services, as well as get around the...
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Peru: Celebrating 100 years of Machu Picchu and Beyond

Last month marked the 100th anniversary of Hiram Bingham’s discovery of Machu Picchu in Peru. Recently Machu Picchu has been designated one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World. Needless to say Peru has been in the headlines recently and travelers are flocking to Peru to glimpse at the majestic and magical ruins that have captivated millions with its splendor and mystery. I just returned from...
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