Travel Photo of the Day: Turtles of Hawaii

Interacting with the amazing wildlife of Hawaii is one of the most amazing experiences when traveling to the Big Island. Sea turtles are gentle reptiles that live most of their lives in the ocean. Being able to sit with and photograph them up close is an experience one will never forget. The country has a lot to offer, starting with amazing beaches and beautiful landscapes. The largest island...
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Hawaii Packing List

 Recommended Big Island Packing List Suntan lotion Water Bottle/ bladder (Very important to bring a water bottle!) Large & small ziplock bags to protect cameras and other technology Ear Plugs (Especially if you are sharing a room!!!!) Dry Bag for camera gear DSLR, SLR extra memory cards laptop tripod lenses (we recommend a wide angle, mid range, and telephoto) After bite Anti-bacterial...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Eerie Steam Vents of Big Island, Hawaii

Walking by the hot mist of a steam vent from Volcano National Park For some really creepy pictures, we take our guest’s to the hot and steamy (no pun intended) steam vents throughout Volcano National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii. These natural thermal vents are created by Kilauea, the active  volcano which the park is built upon. When extreme heat escapes through tiny cracks in the...
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Hawaii Adventure Photo Contest Round 2!

We’re gearing up for some more Big Island Adventures this December but before we go we must honor this summer’s 2013 Big Island Adventure Photo Contest Winners! For each trip our members submit their top 2 favorite images and we all vote unanimously for the winner who receives a Hawaiian themed prize! In July & August we had 4 members take home the gold. Check out their great Big...
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Destination Travel Guide: Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is the oldest of the eight main Hawaiian Islands. Sometimes called the Garden Isle, it is famous for its lush landscape, the result of a hot and heavily precipitous climate. Although Kauai is perhaps best known because of its desirable location for movies, seeing its natural beauty up close is the real deal. Below are a few highlights on Kauai, perfect for travel photography lovers: • As...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Sea Turtle in Hawaii

In honor of our all inclusive Hawaii group tours next week we thought this up close and personal shot of a Big Island sea turtle is appropriate. This travel photo of the day sums up an amazing part of our trip perfectly: Hawaiian sea turtles everywhere! In addition to various black sand beaches that these guys call home we also take our travel club to a hidden lagoon filled with sea turtles...
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Best of Hawaii’s Most Popular Islands

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It’s lush, tropical scenery is breathtaking and immaculate beaches attract more tourists year after year. But down time on gorgeous beaches isn’t the only thing that makes Hawaii such a desirable vacation spot. It is an island that is teeming with life and adventure. No matter which of the islands of Hawaii you decide to make your...
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The Magical Thermal Pools of Hawaii

Join Free: Our travel club is obsessed with the Big Island and this is one of the many reasons why. These thermal pools in Hawaii are over 90 degrees and spill right into the ocean. The sunset is magical here and we always top off our adventure in the Big Island with activities like this. Relaxing in these natural hot springs is perfect after a long day of hiking and exploring...
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All Inclusive Hawaii Adventure: Steam Vents in Volcano National Park!

Join Free: On our first All Inclusive Big Island Adventure our Hula Man and Hawaii guide Tom Bold tells us about the mysterious looking steam vents found throughout parts of the Big Island of Hawaii. These steam vents are caused by the intense heat 100s of feet underground where tiny cracks open to the thermal material and lava from surrounding volcanoes. We’re heading...
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