Destination Travel Guide: Wonders of Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has been a world renowned, intellectual epicentre since classical times, so it should come as no surprise to learn that it possesses a rich cultural heritage that is second to none. From endless cultural sites to world class architecture, the capital of Catalonia has something to offer all types of travelers. We’ve narrowed down a few Barcelona highlights that travellers should...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Surreal Waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

One of countless incredible waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia This was a definite highlight from our latest Croatia group tour in July 2014.  Plitvice Lakes National Park is truly a wonder of the world. Designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site and the first National Park of Croatia, the place is surreal and dreamlike. We had a field day photographing the 16 lakes and...
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Destination Travel Guide: Croatia

Travelers to Croatia fall in love with its stunning Adriatic coastline, beautiful mountains, lakes, and rivers. From a rich history & natural wonders to simple escapes for relaxation on remote islands, Croatia can offer it all. Check out our travel club’s highlights for your next trip to Croatia! Diocletian’s Palace & Split: Diocletian’s Palace is protected by UNESCO as one of the...
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Destination Travel Guide: Off the Path Romania!

Romania is an overlooked gem of Eastern Europe. For those travelers looking for an authentic, off the path experience definitely make a trip here! Either come with us on our small group tours or do it solo. Either way you will have a blast. Below are three highlights of Romania. Bran Castle When travelling to Romania you’ve got to see Bran Castle. According to legend, the castle is the home of...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Graffiti in Galway

On our travel club’s group tour to Ireland we saw a lot more than just castles, churches, & a whole lot of GREEN! In Galway, Cork, & Dublin there were a lot beautiful paintings. And most of the ones we saw came in the form of graffiti. This photograph was taken on a side street in Galway and no one seemed to be rushing to clean this masterpiece off the wall. In addition to the...
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Admiring the Hundertwasser House in Vienna!

Join Free: Our club made a stop at the world famous Hundertwasserhaus on our Eastern Europe tour in Vienna. This renowned architect built unique structures like this apartment building all over the world. His love of nature inspired him to create buildings that intertwined different aspects of nature with non-traditional shapes and colors. The Hundertwasser House has a living...
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Destination Travel Guide: Paris, France

Paris offers a wonderful mix of culture, art, and history. Our travel club will be going on a unique group trip to Paris and the surrounding French countryside next May. We’ve planned this trip with these three highlights as the core focus of this great European city. Below are just a few attractions to see and do whether you join our club or go on your own trip to Paris. For our trip...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Bus Boat in Budapest!

We just returned from our travel clubs trip throughout Eastern Europe and the first thing we saw upon arriving in Budapest was this bright yellow bus floating down the Danube River. Similar to the popular “Duck Tours” found across the most popular US cities, Budapest has come up with the newest way to experience their brilliant city! Hop on the bus in dry land for a city tour...
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The Highlights of France!

France is a beautiful country and one of the oldest in modern Europe. You can literally feel the history and culture in the air as you walk through places where the movers and shakers of the world lived and loved while they worked to change the course of the human race. France has played a pivotal part in helping shape the history of the world, and the evidence of this history passing by is...
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