Travel Photo of the Day: Egyptian Sailor at Dusk

Travel photography shouldn’t be only about wildlife, monuments or landscapes. When visiting a foreign country, a photographer should always try and spot the differences between the two nationalities. What makes them different than you, what special characteristic do you admire? For example, while we were on a photography trip in Egypt (with professional and amateur photographers) we...
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Travel Photo of the Day: The Stare (Egypt Black Desert Oasis)

Egypt is a tough country to visit today. With the ongoing political turmoil post revolution, certain things that used to be easy are now logistically challenging and sometimes a little dangerous. Our travel club went on an awesome group tour to Egypt and Petra a few years back when it was still manageable. This is one of our favorite travel shots from our excursion to the Black and White Deserts...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Petra Snout

We love taking pictures of animals up close. The different perspectives can be funny, artistic, and eye opening. Macro shots of animals offer a different way of looking at life that the human eye often can’t perceive. We shot this guy in Petra on our travel club’s group trip to Egypt and Jordan. We love how the nose is heart shaped and the whiskers really stick out in this...
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Travel Photo of the Day: The Rock House of Egypt

Egypt is an amazing country filled with amazing history & people. They have a wonderful culture and it’s a shame how much their tourism industry is suffering due to the Arab Spring. Our travel club knew better than to shy away from such a special part of the world and took a group tour to Egypt anyway in November of 2011. While it’s harder to get around currently it’s still...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Touching the Great Pyramid of Egypt

On our first day in Egypt we went straight to the pyramids of Giza and all that jetlag was soon forgotten. Witnessing the Great Pyramid, Sphinx, and surrounding history in Giza was a moment I and many in our travel club’s group trip to Egypt had been waiting for since childhood. I love this picture because this Egyptian boy playing at the base and touching the massive stones of the Great...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Market Man in Egypt

We love this picture. The shot of the this Egyptian man was taken in the Cairo Markets in Egypt. We imagine he must have gone to this same spot every day to watch the thousands of shoppers struggle through the massive crowds. The alleys and roads of the Cairo markets weaved together like a labrynth and we easily got lost (in a good way) among the madness. Just another day of shopping in...
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Camel Rides in Luxor, Egypt!

Join Free: Our photography travel club were surprised when riding camels turned out to be pretty comfortable! We’d all heard stories of how uncomfortable the touristy past time is when traveling to Egypt. Maybe we got lucky and had some good humps! We were in Luxor during this video and got to ride the camels through banana fields and the local village. Certainly...
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Exploring the Pyramids!

Join Free: Our travel club had a blast in Egypt. On our first day we explored the pyramids of Giza, Sakkara, and the ancient capital of Memphis. We got some great shots of the sphinx and the step pyramid at Sakkara. We also got to go inside Menkaura’s Pyramid; the Pharaoh who reigned from 2532–2504 BC. It’s hard to comprehend how old the pyramids are...
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