Adventure Travel: Cruising the Jungle in Cambodia

Join Free: Check out our travel club cruising the Jungles of Cambodia. This was a very special trip for us and one of the unique aspects of our adventure trips are excursions like this where no other tourists go! We stayed in a remote lodge and hiked to hidden waterfalls. We also got to kayak along this beautiful jungle river! Another awesome place for photography on our...
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To Cruise Or Not to Cruise: That is the question

My opinion is that you are a “cruise person” or you’re not. People who love cruises can’t get enough of them. They love the one stop shopping aspect of cruising. You have your hotel, your meals, your entertainment, and your itinerary all provided on the floating hotel called a cruise ship. The super duper cruise ships have spas, pools, gyms and casinos. That sounds great, huh? I thought...
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