The Pura Vida Experience – Costa Rica Group Tours

Recently, Costa Rica seems to be in many travelers’ minds (and bucket lists), and it is easy to see why. If you desire a travel destination that is packed with diverse (and we do mean diverse) sights and activities, you can never go wrong with Costa Rica. Costa Rica group tours will most likely take you to touristy places of interest such as the Arenal Volcano (featuring its perfect symmetrical...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Graffiti Man in Costa Rica

One of our most requested trips takes us through Central America. Yeah, we’re talking about our Best of Central America trip, that will take us in Guatemala, Costa Rica & Nicaragua. It’s a trip with great interest from amateur & professional photographers since it features Volcanoes, Hot Springs, Mayan Ruins, & the Largest Lake in Central America! That doesn’t mean...
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Travel Photo of the Day: The Bird Tongue, Costa Rica

What a tongue from our Costa Rica Tour! I don’t even remember what type of bird this was but love the pose she gave to us! This shot was taken from our travel club’s 2013 Costa Rica Tour. Costa Rica is world famous for its incredible diversity of bird species and photographers and birders alike come flocking from all ends of the earth to spot and shoot these tropical creatures....
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Travel Photo of the Day: Holy Birds! (Costa Rica)

This dilapidated bridge full of birds was amazing. We stumbled upon it on our travel club’s All Inclusive Costa Rica Tour a few years back. This picture does not show even half the number of orange beaked, ocean dwelling birds in love with this run down pier. Finding hidden gems to photograph while abroad is one of our favorite parts of travel photography! Join us on one of our upcoming...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Birds on Birds in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to an unimaginable number of flora &  fauna resulting in a biodiversity unmatched in most parts of the world. We took this shot on our travel club’s Costa Rica group tour back in 2012. The marshlands along the western coast of Costa Rica’s desert side attract some of the most rare birds in the world. Birders are in heaven in this country due to the diverse set...
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Destination Travel Guide: Photography in Costa Rica

Costa Rica can boast of a startling diversity in climates and scenic landscapes despite its small size. Much of its natural heritage is accessible to travelers through the country’s well-established system of parks and protected areas. Being a travel club for photography lovers, Costa Rica is a no brainer for us since the diverse range of landscapes, plants, & animals is endless. Check out...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Howler Monkey in Costa Rica

We love monkeys and Costa Rica is a great place to go on a monkey safari! This shot is of the famous Howler monkey known for its loud howling voice. Their calls can be heard from miles away and are in fact used as a defense mechanism to scare of threats and predators in addition to talking to their own kind. If you imitate a Howler monkeys calls, they will talk right back to you! Join our travel...
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Traveling Costa Rica Coast to Coast!

Costa Rica is a country nestled in Central America. Nicaragua is bordered to the north and Panama to the southeast. This volcano littered country attracts droves of tourists throughout the year due to the mild tropical temperatures, world renowned bio-diversity, beaches, and adventure activities that can be enjoyed year round. It’s all possible due to the geographical location of Costa Rica:...
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Making Corn Tortillas in Costa Rica!

Join Free: Check out this video of our photography travel club making corn tortillas at a local farm in Costa Rica. We had a blast on this trip getting excellent shots of exotic & rare birds. Our excellent guide, Alex, helped show us how to make the best homemade corn tortilla!
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