Destination Travel Guide: Splendid Landscapes of the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies make up an astounding portion of the mountain range that extends from BC, Canada to the American state of New Mexico. Majestic yet austere, the Canadian Rockies hold some of the best hiking & breathtaking vistas in North America, making them a must see for adventure travel and landscape photography lovers. If you had to choose only 3 places on your next trip to the...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Beautiful Louise (Canadian Rockies)

One of the best trips we’ve ever done for photography was in the Canadian Rockies. Lake Louise above was our first glance at one of mind blowing lakes with colors we thought were only in fairy tales. Check out our Canadian Rockies pictures and see why. We cannot wait to put together another group tour to the Canadian Rockies next year. It’s truly an unforgettable...
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Canadian Rockies Hike!

Join Free: This was the best hike in the Canadian Rockies! Cavelle Meadows is a moderate-difficult 8 mile hike but so worth every step. It begins at an astounding glacier pond filled with icebergs. As you make your way up you traverse well carved and groomed trails through the pines and eventually above the treeline. To the right of us is the magnificent stretch of rocky...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Marmot Love

The Canadian Rockies is a magical land that any backpacker, travel lover, and photographer will go crazy over! Though more known for its sweeping landscapes, intense blue lakes, and rocky mountains, the Canadian Rockies is also filled with unique animals like the marmot above. These guys were so funny and not shy at all. They would come right up to us and steal our food! We caught them in a very...
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Canadian Rockies Hike! Jasper Hikes & Adventures!

Join Free: This was possibly the BEST hike our travel club has ever done. Cavelle Meadows in the Canadian Rockies must not be missed. This hidden treasure known by most of the locals is just outside Jasper. It is a moderate hike with so many rewards: glaciers, avalanches, beautiful mountain ranges & a great work out. As we made the ascent avalanches would be popping...
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Glacier in the Canadian Rockies! Awesome Photo trip!

Join Free: We just got back from an amazing trip to the Canadian Rockies. PhotoFly Travel Club explored Banff, Jasper, and the wonders of the Canadian Rockies! This was an amazing photography trip with tons of awesome hikes with great people. We explored the Columbia Icefield on this part of the trip. Look at that glacier! Mostly solo travelers on our trips so its a great...
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