Travel Photo of the Day: Lions Cavity Search in Zimbabwe

Going on a safari through South Africa can be a breathtaking experience for any professional (or amateur) photographer. Take a look at this amazing, but scary wildlife photo we took while on of our Zimbabwe safaris. You can really understand why it’s called “wildlife”, and why you should always stay safe during the safari. Taking this type of photos from a safe distance is...
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Pelicans & Flamingos on Safari in Kenya with a Fun Travel Club!

Join Free: Our photography travel club went on an awesome safari in Kenya. Check out these birds! Tons of flamingos and pelicans everywhere. We were on Lake Nakuru in Kenya and saw thousands of flamingos and pelicans on the lake. This is a must see for photography lovers if you ever go on safari in Africa…
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Top 5 Destinations for Photography Lovers!

Every country in the world offers great photo opportunities for any avid photographer out there.  Here is a list of Top 5 regions for if you have a specific interest in what you like to photograph.  Nature – USA:  With 58 national parks, 2 coast lines, 4 major mountain ranges, deserts, wetlands, and 10,000 lakes in the state of Minnesota alone, the United States reigns king of Nature...
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