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Galapagos & Ecuadorian Amazon Packing List & General Information

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PACK LIGHT! It’s important to pack light due to luggage restrictions. We’ll be moving around a lot and dragging lots of heavy luggage is never fun. Luggage Restrictions *Please pack as light as possible!!! We will be moving around a lot on this adventure and the more you have to drag around luggage, the more burdensome it becomes. We will have limited space on our luxury yacht charter so please limit your luggage to one medium sized checked bag (no larger than 28”), and 1 personal item (backpack, purse, laptop sleeve, etc). An additional...

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Group touring Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun

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People have various reasons for wanting to travel to Japan, but almost everyone agrees why they keep coming back. Simply, this country is a captivating marriage of the old and new. A holiday in Japan means having a taste of both the best and latest technologies in the world along with a well-preserved cultural heritage. Japan group tours will take you on a journey through the bustling streets of Tokyo, amusing (and out-of-this-world) themed cafés, an iconic fashion district, and so much more. It is highly recommended to obtain a Japan Rail...

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Travel Photo of the Day: Turtles of Hawaii

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Interacting with the amazing wildlife is one of the most amazing experiences which takes us back to visit Hawaii. The sea turtles are gentle reptiles that live their lives in the ocean. Encountering them makes the experience much more rare. The country has a lot to offer, starting with amazing beaches and beautiful landscapes. The largest island in the state of Hawaii, Big Island Hawaii is a paradise that offers both worlds: the warmth of the beach and the alluring beauty of snow-capped...

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Your Next Big Adventure Awaits: India Group Tours

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A mention of India may conjure similar images in many: that of welcoming crowds, delicious curry, bright saris, Bollywood, (literal) Holy Cows, and Hinduism. However, this country of 1.3 billion people has more to offer. It is no wonder then that approximately 700 million tourists visit this country every year. Do not let these numbers intimidate you though, because India has a space and adventure for everyone. Typical India group tours will most probably take you to one of the more popular India travel destinations—the Rajasthan region,...

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Iceland Packing List & Trip Prep

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Please PACK LIGHT!!!!   We’ll be moving around throughout the tour and there are luggage restrictions for our included domestic flights (for those doing North Iceland Extension). Please do your best to keep your luggage to 1 medium sized suitcase & 1 smaller carry on size. An additional backpack/camera bag is OK. We will be traveling in specially outfitted 4×4 Mercedes Sprinters with limited room for luggage storage. If you bring a large size suitcase, bigger than the ones in the below image, we will not be able to fit them in...

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Experience Ireland by joining this Group Tour

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If you want an adventure mixed with breathtaking landscapes, historical references, and welcoming locals, then Ireland should be your next travel destination. There is so much to see and do in this small island that many visitors find themselves coming back. One of the most popular destinations in Ireland is The Cliffs of Moher. You may have already seen this natural attraction in postcards and travel magazines. It is an awe-inspiring stop to your Ireland group tours. Then of course there is Grafton Street in Dublin the perfect spot to start...

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Paradise Group Tours on Big Island, Hawaii

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Big Island Hawaii is every adventurer’s dream come true. It is 93 miles in length and 76 miles in width—making it more than twice the size of the rest of the islands put together. What is even more amazing is that the island continues to grow today, thanks to sustained volcanic activity. You have a lot of places to explore when you join Big Island group tours. The largest island in the state of Hawaii, Big Island Hawaii is a paradise that offers both worlds: the warmth of the beach and the alluring beauty of snow-capped mountains. This...

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Joining Scotland Group Tours Is a Travel Dream Come True

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Adventure seekers, outdoor lovers, and culture enthusiasts, Scotland is the country for you. Scotland boasts of historic castles, breathtaking and sweeping landscapes, and a vibrant culture, making it a perfect destination for everyone. The ideal Scotland group tours should include a visit to the Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile. This popular attraction is a fixture of the Edinburgh skyline. Sitting on top of black basalt rock, the Edinburgh Castle gives you an excellent view of the city as it is now and a glimpse of its history. Then of...

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Travel Photo of the Day: Red Panda in China

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Joining our travel group and signing-up for the Real China Adventure is probably the best way for any tourist to visit this beautiful country. Our trips take us from Beijing and the less touristy parts of the Great Wall, to quaint off the path villages, amazing waterfalls, extravagant rice terraces, the mind blowing mountains around Yangshuo, and the rambling streets of Shanghai! Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get a glimpse of a red panda in the wild! If not, Today’s featured travel photo will have to do. With their...

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Visiting Thailand in Small Travel Groups Is a Stunning Experience

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Thailand is a diverse Southeast Asian country loved by many travelers and adventurers. This country is famous for its gorgeous beaches, luxurious royal palaces, age-old ruins, and elaborate temples featuring various images of Buddha. Of course, a visit to Thailand is not complete without a stop in its dazzling capital Bangkok, a metropolitan adored for its colorful street life and fancy shrines. Thailand group tours are requested by many travelers seeking to explore the country while meeting new people. The most common sites include the Grand...

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