The Land Of Happiness: Nepal and Bhutan Group Tours

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Nepal and Bhutan Group Tours

Nepal and Bhutan are neighbor countries that do not often get mentioned in people’s travel bucket list, which is a shame. Both of these South Asian nations located in the Himalayas offer an experience unlike anything in the world. So if you are the type who would rather skip the tourist-y path, consider joining Nepal and Bhutan group tours. You will not regret it.

Nepal is the playground for the adventurous at heart. It offers the perfect landscape for rafting, trekking, and jungle exploring, among others. It also gives you a taste of its history with its ancient architecture and quaint, cobbled streets. Bhutan, on the other hand, is a Kingdom slowly opening its doors to the world. It is most notably known as the world’s happiest country, and it is easy to see why. Its ancient religions, culture, and traditions remain untouched by the artificial sensibilities of Hollywood and popular culture.

Below are some of the must-visit Nepal and Bhutan travel destinations.

Nepal and Bhutan Highlights and Features

Nepal and Bhutan Group Tours1. Meet a living goddess

In Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, the Newari people believe that the Hindu goddess Taleju is personified by a pre-pubescent girl known as the Kumari, or living goddess. Kumaris are often selected from a list of priestly families, based on a long list of physical and temperamental qualities. The chosen girl gets to live as a goddess until her first period. Kumaris often receive and bless visitors inside their special homes. Each kingdom in Kathmandu Valley has a Kumari, but those in Kathmandu and Patan are the most celebrated.

2. Make an excursion to Upper Dolpo

According to Tibetan Buddhism, the remote region of Upper Dolpo in western Nepal is said to be a beyul. Meaning, it is a refuge for when the world finally becomes too corrupt for spiritual practice. It is believed to resemble paradise, and once you have made the long tedious journey, you will immediately see why. Upper Dolpo is stunning and the perfect place to retreat to when the noise of the busy city becomes too much for you.

Nepal and Bhutan Group Tours3. Have a taste of the ‘old world’

Most rural villages in Bhutan still practice ancient traditions and customs. They have also maintained their ancient values, more than people in urban towns. You can visit these villages, interact with the locals, listen to their stories, and indulge in their traditional customs, food, and activities. The great thing about this is that the locals are extremely kind and welcoming to visitors.

4. Trek to the Tiger’s Nest

The Tiger’s Nest Monastery (or Taktsanf Monastery) is almost synonymous to Bhutan. When you look up Bhutan in the Internet, you will most likely find photos of this sacred site. While the views are spectacular, the climb itself is an entirely different experience. With a 1000 meter elevation gain to an approximate height of 3000 meters, it will take you a couple of hours to reach the monastery that is clinging to the side of a cliff. Along the way, you will find a lovely cafeteria where you can enjoy tea or lunch while taking in the gorgeous views. You cannot use your camera inside the monastery, but the journey itself will be a significant addition to your Nepal and Bhutan photography adventure.

If you only initially plan to visit either Nepal or Bhutan, you might want to consider going to both as the two countries are so close and share a lot in common. Joining Nepal and Bhutan Group Tours is an experience you ought not to miss. Sign up with Photofly Travel Club now!


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