Enjoy The Exotic Side of Africa with Kenya Group Tours

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Whether you are looking for an adventure trip or a trip away from the city life that allows you to take some of the most incredible photographs of wildlife, Kenya group tours must top your list. Not only will you bring home memories like no other but you will also get to know Africa in all its splendor.

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Why Choose Kenya Safari Adventure for your Next Getaway

Kenya safari adventure is Africa’s original safari destination. It is known that the country’s wildlife and wilderness are still in abundance, making it one of the world’s most popular adventure stops. So, if you are still deliberating on your next wildlife encounter, forget all other choices because Kenya safari will give you an unforgettable experience.

  • It offers a stunning backdrop of snow-capped mountains and immense plains
  • It takes you in rustic luxury and adrenaline-pumping adventure while enjoying the best views of its wildlife through night drives, guided walks, and camping
  • It gives you intimate encounters with animals that you can’t experience daily back in your busy urban hometown
  • It shows you the Kenyan culture and history, and you get to meet local Masai (pastoral herders) and experience their tribal way of life

Best Spots for Kenya Photography Adventure
When you choose to visit Kenya in small groups, chances are you won’t even put down your camera. The location is full of exciting areas for a Kenya photography adventure, and for sure, you’ll have a lot of jaw-dropping photos to boast of back home. Make sure you include these places on your list:
kenya safari group1. Masai Mara

Everyone will be hands down to this place when it comes to being the best place to see Kenya’s wildlife. Riding a hot air balloon on these plains will give you a movie-like slow motion view of buffalos, hippos, giraffes, zebras, elephants, and wildebeest below that you will never forget.
2. Amboseli National Park

How about waking up in your tent to the sight of the snow falling on Mt. Kilimanjaro? Plus, you also get to take photos of the biggest bull elephants you will ever see in your lifetime.
3. Laikipia National Park

This park was created on November 8, 2011, and is a new offering for Kenya sightseeing. Here, you get to view private ranches like Segera Ranch and Ol Pejeta Ranch. You also get to enjoy the sight of Somali ostrich, Patas monkey, Beisa oryx, and the endangered Grevy zebras.
4. Nairobi

This is another highly-recommended place for photography where you get access to the Central Africa rainforests. Here, you will meet lowland gorillas and forest elephants.
kenya group tours5. Samburu

This parched lava field features and oasis, which is the reason why lots of wildlife are attracted to the place including elusive leopards.

True enough, Kenya safari adventure is something that one should not miss while he lives. Don’t forget that the PhotoFly group is going to Kenya almost every year, so make sure to check our trips page as often as possible. Another thing you can do to be informed of our future Kenya trips is to sign-up to the PhotoFly group and get email notifications every time we announce a new trip.

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