Cambodia Village Kitchen Project

join free: We just returned from a group tour to Cambodia and Vietnam with Destination Earth and our travel clubs. What an amazing trip yet again. Check out this video while we stayed in Koh Ker, a very special village that we work with each year. This year you can see some of our guests playing with the kids and finishing up an important kitchen project that will allow the...
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Lion or No Lion? Kenya Safari!

Join Free: Our first Kenya safari was AMAZING! This video does not do it justice but we thought it was kinda funny so wanted to share with our travel club…
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Making Silk Rugs in Turkey!

Join free: On our group tour to Turkey this was truly a fascinating stop at the silk rug factory. It’s amazing how they extract the silk from silk worm cocoons and then diligently dye and weave all the rugs by hand. The design and details are so fine its hard to believe a single person does it all with no electric powered machines whatsoever. We can’t wait to do...
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Eat Fried Tarantula in Cambodia!

  Join Free: This may look gross and unappetizing to most westerners but we were pleasantly surprised by how tasty these fried tarantulas were in Cambodia. They taste a lot like chicken and are doused in garlic. Our travel club’s adventure to Vietnam & Cambodia is filled with unique experiences like this. Many believe Cambodians started eating these spiders out...
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Admiring the Hundertwasser House in Vienna!

Join Free: Our club made a stop at the world famous Hundertwasserhaus on our Eastern Europe tour in Vienna. This renowned architect built unique structures like this apartment building all over the world. His love of nature inspired him to create buildings that intertwined different aspects of nature with non-traditional shapes and colors. The Hundertwasser House has a living...
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Travel Club’s Kenya Migration Safari 2012!

Join Free: Travel club member Holly made this AWESOME video of our 2012 Kenya Migration Safari! Our East Africa safaris simply can’t be beat–luxury game lodges, great food, great guides, and tons of animals! The photography and video speak for itself! Join our club travel club for free and don’t miss our next safaris to South Africa & Tanzania! PhotoFly...
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Hiking Colorado Rockies!

Join Free: Our travel club just wrapped up a great hiking trip to the Colorado Rockies. This video was taken on our last hike which offered awesome panoramic views of all the places we had been from Boulder, to Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, to Colorado Rockies National Park. We saw all sorts of landscapes on the trip ranging in elevation from 6000-12000 feet! Our guide Brett...
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Canadian Rockies Hike!

Join Free: This was the best hike in the Canadian Rockies! Cavelle Meadows is a moderate-difficult 8 mile hike but so worth every step. It begins at an astounding glacier pond filled with icebergs. As you make your way up you traverse well carved and groomed trails through the pines and eventually above the treeline. To the right of us is the magnificent stretch of rocky...
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Costa Rica Insects! The Hercules Beetle

Join Free: Check out this HUGE beetle in Costa Rica. The Hercules Beetle is the largest in the rhinoceros beetle family. The one in this video is a female (they are much larger than the males). The males have a huge horn in the front unlike this one. They flourish in rainforests throughout Central and South America. Our travel club had a fun time playing around with him at...
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