Travel Photo of the Day: King’s Landing Dubrovnik

Croatia is one of our most requested European destinations by our travel group. That’s why we aim to visit it almost every year. The country has a lot to offer, starting with amazing beaches, great architecture and beautiful landscapes, but also it hosts some iconic places from your favorite movies and TV shows. For example, in this featured travel photo we’re showcasing one of most...
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Joining New Zealand Group Tours Is Probably The Best Travel Choice You’ll Make

Located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is the perfect destination for travelers hoping to explore nature and engage in various outdoorsy adventures. This country is teeming with activities, and deciding where to go first becomes a fun challenge. When you join New Zealand small group tours, you are bound to discover the breathtaking sites of New Zealand South Island such as the...
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Japan Trip Packing List

Below are some general packing tips and information. Japan Packing List & Trip Preparation Packing/Luggage Navigating Japan is much easier when you travel light. We’ll be moving around throughout the tour frequently and taking the famous bullet train from destination to destination. Unfortunately Japanese trains and train stations do not cater to travelers with a lot of luggage. What...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Victoria Falls Rainbow

There are so many beautiful places to visit around the World, but if you want to see something really breathtaking, you need to check out the Victoria Falls. Found at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, these falls are a travel photographer’s dream. Just look at the above image and you’ll see what we’re talking about. If you didn’t know, Victoria Falls is the largest...
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Why Joining Colombia Group Tours Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

If you are looking for a travel adventure that blends well the new and the old and nature and city life, then look no further than Colombia. This country showcases the one-of-a-kind charms of South America—from the rich Amazon jungle, immaculate Caribbean coast, and colorful colonial communities. Most Colombia group tours include a walk through the walled city of Cartagena featuring historical...
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