Hawaii Adventure Photo Contest Round 2!

We’re gearing up for some more Big Island Adventures this December but before we go we must honor this summer’s 2013 Big Island Adventure Photo Contest Winners! For each trip our members submit their top 2 favorite images and we all vote unanimously for the winner who receives a Hawaiian themed prize! In July & August we had 4 members take home the gold. Check out their great Big...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Taj Mahal, Grave of Romance!

Our travel club just returned from our first India group tour and of the many highlights, the Taj Mahal did not disappoint. We got to witness this great architectural wonder of the world two days in a row; first from across the river with excellent afternoon light followed by the sunset and the next day inside the complex to explore in and around this great tomb of love. It rained a bit on the...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Masks of Italy

It’s been a few years since we’ve been to Italy but our adventure in Venice seems like yesterday. Not your typical image of this city of waterways but certainly a fun one. We couldn’t resist trying some of these Italian masks after snapping this photo.. We think it’s time to revisit another group trip to Venice and the rest of this amazing country. Stay tuned for an...
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Destination Travel Guide: Favorite Galapagos Islands

Famous for its contribution to Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species”, the Galapagos Islands remain a haven for numerous plants and animals found nowhere else on the planet. Each one of the eighteen main islands that make up the bulk of the Galapagos possess its own share of beauty and unforgettable experiences, perfect for photography lovers like the members in our travel...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Christ the Redeemer

Our group tour to Brazil was a blast but a lot of our time in Rio was spent in the rain. One of the redeeming (no pun intended) aspects to the rain was this cool shot we took from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. Sugarloaf is located at the opposite end of the city from Corcovado, the mountain which the Christ the Redeemer statue sits.  The fog and rain clouds were passing through quickly as we...
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Destination Travel Guide: Croatia

Travelers to Croatia fall in love with its stunning Adriatic coastline, beautiful mountains, lakes, and rivers. From a rich history & natural wonders to simple escapes for relaxation on remote islands, Croatia can offer it all. Check out our travel club’s highlights for your next trip to Croatia! Diocletian’s Palace & Split: Diocletian’s Palace is protected by UNESCO as one of the...
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