Travel Photo of the Day: Green Sand Beach of Big Island Hawaii!

On one of our many adventures to the Big Island we hiked to the only green sand beach in Hawaii! Papakōlea Beach is located near the southern tip of the Big Island known as South Point. This is actually the southernmost spot in the USA. Though the beach in these photo’s might not look that green we swear it is! Made from the green mineral olivine from a collapsed volcanic cinder cone, the...
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Destination Travel Guide: Bhutan

Bhutan is not the most well known nation out there but some might be familiar with the name based on the land-bound country’s consistent high placement on happiness rankings. The Government of Bhutan has restricted the influx of tourists making the entrance both expensive and time consuming to secure but for those who go through the motions to get in, they’re welcomed with a delightfully...
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Photo Gear Giveaway: Lowepro Camera Backpack!

For those that read last week’s post about the awesome Lowepro Fastpack 350 camera backpack our photo gear giveaway has begun! Lowepro let us try out this awesome pack for our adventures and we loved it so much we convinced them to do a giveaway for our photography travel club! Check out the review from the link above and enter the giveaway below!  HOW TO ENTER: All you need to do to...
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Travel Photo of the Day: “The Ossuary” in Chichen Itza Mexico

Our travel club just returned from a great adventure along Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. We explored the famous Mayan temples and ruins of Chichen Itza, Tulum, & Coba! The architectural achievements these cultures were able to create with no advanced engineering and technology is truly remarkable. This photograph was taken at the main site of Chichen Itza. It’s often mistaken for...
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Travel Gear: Lowepro Camera Backpack Review

Our photography travel club was in search of a new camera backpack a few months ago and Lowepro came to the rescue. They were generous enough to let us try out their awesome Fastback 350 camera backpack and we love it! Below is our camera backpack review after using it on our latest group tours to Hawaii & Mexico. Lots of Room: The Lowepro Fastpack 350 is perfect for travel &...
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