Where to Travel in the Philippines

The Philippines is home to some of the most exotic and beautiful natural wonders of the world. Big modern cities collide with small undiscovered villages. There is much to explore so we’ve mentioned some highlights to get you started below. Palawan Palawan is the last frontier and is the one place you must see when traveling to the Philippines. Filled with every imaginable scene from white...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Great Photography at Les Puces (Paris Flea Market)

If you’re ever in Paris with our travel club or on any other small group tours you’ve got to check out Les Puces (The Fleas!). This GIGANTIC flea market is one of a kind and a real experience for travelers of all types.  Travel photography lovers will have a field day wandering through this labyrinth of goodies filled with antiques, oddities, and everything in between.  We’re...
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Destination Travel Guide: Off the Path Romania!

Romania is an overlooked gem of Eastern Europe. For those travelers looking for an authentic, off the path experience definitely make a trip here! Either come with us on our small group tours or do it solo. Either way you will have a blast. Below are three highlights of Romania. Bran Castle When travelling to Romania you’ve got to see Bran Castle. According to legend, the castle is the home of...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Dead Tree Dawn (South Africa)

Our travel club had a blast on our group safari to South Africa. We went to the northern region of the country to a private reserve called Entabeni. Aside from great landscape shots and a travel photo like this, we were grateful to see tons of Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, Impala’s and so much more up close! If you haven’t been with us to Africa yet, you’re missing out on the best...
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Las Vegas: A city that never sleeps, and never stops eating! (Best restaurants in Vegas)

We’re off on a group trip to Vegas this weekend and in honor of this INSANE desert madhouse we’re talking about FOOD not GAMBLING! We aren’t much for gambling but Vegas is still a great place to indulge in the arts, entertainment, and delicious fine dining they have also become famous for. Las Vegas is all about the finer things in life and that includes top notch cuisine. For the last...
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