Travel Photo of the Day: The Stare (Egypt Black Desert Oasis)

Egypt is a tough country to visit today. With the ongoing political turmoil post revolution, certain things that used to be easy are now logistically challenging and sometimes a little dangerous. Our travel club went on an awesome group tour to Egypt and Petra a few years back when it was still manageable. This is one of our favorite travel shots from our excursion to the Black and White Deserts...
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Adventure Travel in Fiji

Fiji is a nation made up of islands formed from volcanic activity millions of years ago. In fact, some of its islands are still experiencing geothermal activity today, though the subduction zone that formed them is no longer active. Most of Fiji’s population lives on Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, but the small islands surrounding them are the true hidden gems with rare and beautiful ecosystems....
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Travel Photo of the Day: Hungry Hippo in Tanzania!

This photo we took in Tanzania reminds me of the kids board game “Hungry Hungry Hippos”! Our epic adventure safari here did not disappoint. There were literally HUNDREDS of hippos in this “hippo pool” in┬áSerengeti┬áNational Park. If you haven’t been on a safari tour with us you’ve got to sign up...
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