Beyond Skiing in Squaw at Tahoe

When Californians think of Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley, 90% will tell you it’s where you go to ski. But the beauty of Tahoe and this valley in Northern California goes far beyond the famed winter sport. Our travel club recently finished up the season this year with some spring skiing in April. Little did we know this season merely opens up to 3 more epic ones: spring, summer, and fall. Yes,...
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Travel Photo of the Day: “The Boat”, Tomales Bay

Point Reyes is a magical place along Tomales Bay in Northern California. Epic hiking and beautiful scenery abound. It’s also a great place for birders and photographers who love capturing some rare and beautiful shots of winged gems. Our travel club has done some awesome hikes in this area and we always make a point to stop on the side of the road with this iconic boat that has become...
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Destination Travel Guide: Brazilian Amazon

Although the Amazon rainforest sprawls across territories of nine South American nations, 60% of its expanse lies inside the borders of Brazil. Combined, its eco-regions make up more than half of all remaining rain forests on the planet, making it one of the richest depositories of both fauna and flora. The result is the Amazon rain-forest teeming with opportunities for both eco-tourism and...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Lava up Close! Big Island, Hawaii

If you’re new to our club you may not know that Hawaii is a very special place to us and one of our most popular and AMAZING trips! Our group tours to Hawaii are unmatched by any other tour operator out there and we truly believe this. If we are really lucky, our group gets to see lava up close like in this...
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The Wonders of El Salvador

Surrounded by volcanoes, green hills, and a profusion of coffee plantations, Santa Ana is El Salvador’s second largest city without the chaotic city and poverty San Salvador experiences. There are three popular attractions close to Santa Ana, Lake Coatepeque, Tazumal with her ancient Mayan ruins and Cerro Verde, a still active volcano awesome for hiking. Because the Pan American Highway runs...
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