Travel Photo of the Day: Aspen Streak, Colorado

One of our favorite things from the group hiking tour to the Colorado Rockies was the beautiful Aspen Trees. These trees are very picky about which elevations, soil, and environment they grow in making brilliant displays of natural beauty when they scatter in between less pick trees and vegetation. Their brilliant yellow color comes out only in the fall and photographers from all over the world...
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Destination Travel Guide: Mumbai

Mumbai is the center of the most populated metropolitan area in India. Built upon a cluster of seven islands, it has passed through the hands of countless empires both foreign and indigenous, becoming a melting pot of disparate cultures in the process. Traveling to Mumbai, the entertainment capital of India, means an endless parade of activities and sights to see. Check out these activities in...
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Travel Photo of the Day: The White Face Monkey

We just got back from our 2013 group tour to Costa Rica and it was awesome! Such a wonderful group of folks and we really made a great adventure out of it. Check out this shot of a white faced Costa Rican monkey. These guys are really smart and they aren’t shy either! We always look forward to the chance of spotting these amazing animals on each group trip to Costa Rica. Thanks to Alex and...
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Discover Argentina Off the Beaten Path

Situated at the southernmost part of South America; resembling a stalactite with its tip facing towards Antarctica, Argentina is one of the biggest countries in the world- and among the diverse cultures in the entire planet. A local once said that if you live in Argentina, yet only strolled the streets of Buenos Aires, sampled its gastronomic cuisine, and got lost in the entrancing dance of the...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Boston Harbor Sailing

Boston is often an overlooked gem on the list of top cities to visit in the United States. This part of the Charles River is close to the mouth of the Boston Harbor and makes for some fantastic sailing and a pretty good view of the skyline. This city is filled with some of the oldest history about the founding of the USA. The freedom trail is a wonderful day walk for history buffs and travel...
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Destination Travel Guide: Japan

Japan is a fascinating land. Japanese cities offer both modern conveniences and rich cultural ones. Individuals willing to venture outside of the cities can discover a beautiful, semi-tamed landscape built up over countless generations of history, influence, and advancement. Check out just a few highlights to get you off on a tour through Japan: * Once honored as the imperial capital, Kyoto is...
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Travel Photo of the Day: Petra Snout

We love taking pictures of animals up close. The different perspectives can be funny, artistic, and eye opening. Macro shots of animals offer a different way of looking at life that the human eye often can’t perceive. We shot this guy in Petra on our travel club’s group trip to Egypt and Jordan. We love how the nose is heart shaped and the whiskers really stick out in this...
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The Cheapest Ways To See Antarctica

Traveling to exotic places is something any wander luster would love to do. Antarctica is the most far-flung place on the planet, and many think it’s only for scientists researching the frigid, unique geography. In reality, Antarctica is a beautiful sparse land where ice is everywhere: on the horizon, on the ground, in the ocean, and in the mountains. Nevertheless, the beauty of this land is...
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Travel Photo of the Day: SF Skyline via Golden Gate

Though our members are from all over the country and even the world, SF is where we call home. Not a bad backyard huh? This shot was taken with our travel club on a hike across the Marin headlands. The hike ends at this epic viewpoint of the bridge and the city. Not sure why it looks like it was taken in 1982 but the effect is kind of cool.  Need to upgrade our Nikon body and lenses...
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