Skiing at North Lake Tahoe!

I’m not a huge skier. In fact, I never understood why so many people wait eagerly for the frigid winter to spend thousands of dollars only to drive 5 hours back and forth every weekend. On top of that, they have to deal with the whole process of skiing or snowboarding (it’s really a lot of work: getting rentals or stuffing the equipment in and out of the car, putting it on (not as easy as you...
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Travel Photo of the Day: The Beggar (Cambodia)

On last year’s group tour to Vietnam and Cambodia we had a very special adventure. We got to help out and give back along our journey while stopping at schools, orphanages, and villages along the way to donate supplies, teach English, and even help donate money toward a foot bridge in a disadvantaged village. This is one of our favorite photographs of a woman we encountered on the way to...
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Making Silk Rugs in Turkey!

Join free: On our group tour to Turkey this was truly a fascinating stop at the silk rug factory. It’s amazing how they extract the silk from silk worm cocoons and then diligently dye and weave all the rugs by hand. The design and details are so fine its hard to believe a single person does it all with no electric powered machines whatsoever. We can’t wait to do...
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Big Island Adventure Photo Contest!

Our Big Island Hawaii group tours are awesome and we’ve started a fun little tradition being a travel club for adventure & photography lovers. We now have a photo contest in which the top 1-2 travelers with the best pictures from the trip win a prize. This December we had two winners from our tours to Hawaii. Below are the winning pictures. We’ve also put the rest of the groups...
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Where & When to Travel

It’s true that certain destinations can be really pricey when it comes down to it. Factor in airfare and hotel costs and you could be looking at spending a pretty penny. Traveling smart is important for saving money and enjoying where that money goes! Thankfully there are ways to offset costs for the conscientious world traveler. Choosing the right time of the year and looking out for the best...
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Travel Photo of the Day: The Rock House of Egypt

Egypt is an amazing country filled with amazing history & people. They have a wonderful culture and it’s a shame how much their tourism industry is suffering due to the Arab Spring. Our travel club knew better than to shy away from such a special part of the world and took a group tour to Egypt anyway in November of 2011. While it’s harder to get around currently it’s still...
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Highlights of Brazil

Thinking of Brazil, the beat of samba immediately comes to your mind. The kaleidoscope of vibrant colors of feathery, silky, glitzy Mardi Gras costumes. The scantily clad, exotic beauties and alluring gents gyrating to the intoxicating beat of the drums; the festive atmosphere of the Carnaval; the parade of lights and the whole grandiose celebration—these elements are just a minute part of...
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